Springboard Design


Architectural Services

Springboard Design offers an extensive range of architectural services. We begin every project with a ‘Springboard Workshop.’ Give us a call to learn more about how we approach the delivery of architectural and planning services and how we can help you to plan your future buildings, spaces, renovations….

Planning: Master Planning, Feasibility Studies.

Pre-Design: Budget Development, Existing Conditions, SWOT Analysis,  Programming,  Test Fits,  Site Analysis,  Strategic Planning, Building Code and Zoning.

Architectural Design:  Building Design, Code Compliance, Accessibility, Construction Documentation, Construction Administration,  Furniture Selection and Layout, Historic Preservation, Interior Design, Landscape Design, Lighting Design, Opinions of Probable Cost, Renderings and Models, Space Planning, Sustainability.

Construction Services: Bid Assistance and Coordination, Contract Administration, Punch List and Certification of Substantial Completion, Review Meetings for Construction Progress, Shop Drawing and Sample Review, Site Visits.


Design Services

  • Accessibility Compliance
  • Building Design
  • Code Compliance
  • Construction Documentation – Drawings and Specifications
  • Construction Observation and Contract Administration
  • Design-Build
  • Furniture Layout and/or Selection
  • Historic Preservation
  • Interior Design
  • Landscape Design
  • Lighting Design
  • Opinions of Probable Cost
  • Renderings and Models (both physical and computer generated)
  • Space Planning
  • Sustainable Building Design


Construction Services

  • Bid Assistance and Coordination
  • Contract Administration
  • Punch List and Certification of Substantial Completion
  • Review Meetings for Construction Progress
  • Shop Drawing and Sample Review
  • Site Visitation


Sustainable Design

SPRINGBOARD does ‘green’ design!

Since our launch in 2001, SPRINGBOARD has been quietly committed to sustainable – ‘green’ – design.  Every project we do, big or small, is in some way sustainable. Whether it is specifying energy efficient lighting, selecting low-VOC paint colors, recommending recycled carpet tiles with water-based adhesives, or adapting an existing building for a new use, our approach is always green.  In recent years, the LEED and EnergyStar programs have upped the ante for sustainable projects, representing a more systemic and comprehensive approach to building green that requires an even greater commitment form both clients and architects.  And SPRINGBOARD has been right there, involved in LEED-certified and other green buildings and interiors, as a number of our staff study to take the exam and join the growing ranks of LEED-accredited professionals.

SPRINGBOARD approaches each of its projects systematically in terms of a number of criteria to determine how green is green:


Today, green design has become more affordable than ever before. And in our base of Pittsburgh, PA, the ‘green capital of the world,” according to the Green Building Alliance, it is increasingly requested by our local clients.  For every product and assembly that is required for a project – whether it is a small house, an office interior, a commercial building or public building – there are green options.  We strive to give our clients a sense of what their options are – their benefits and costs – and work with them to achieve the shade of green they want for their environment.

In a sense then, there is no such thing as a purely ‘green’ project – many aspects contribute to making a project more or less sustainable.  Yet, even when a project is only partly green, it is still more sustainable than another project that does not contain any green elements. We endeavor to work with our clients to make the projects we work on as sustainable as possible, given our clients’ goals, financial constraints, and spatial restrictions.

Check out two of our recent LEED certified projects:

National Aviary
UCP / Class Headquarters