Springboard Design

Residential Design

Houses are reflections of who we are and who we want to be. Some of our clients have asked us for residential designs that blend seamlessly with their existing homes or neighborhoods, while others have asked us to expand their homes – or create new ones – in boldly contemporary ways. In both types of projects, we have developed designs that are responsive to our clients’ active lives and distinctive personalities. Generally, our designs focus on creating comfortable, light-filled residences that address the way we live today.

Each of Springboard’s residential designs is a ‘green’ building. Exactly what this means – how green is green? – is unique to each project. Over the last few years we have evolved a green philosophy that we call ‘Shades of Green.’ We have written a one-page ‘Green Paper’ – it used to be a ‘White Paper’ – on our ideas about environmentally appropriate residential design. For more information about Sustainable Design, check out this page.