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Cultural Facilities: Springboard has extensive relevant experience creating successful museum architecture and related cultural facilities. Since our launch in 2001, Springboard has built a reputation for knowing museum architecture, inside and out. This includes art, history, and science museums – large and small – with an understanding of the dynamics of staff work requirements and visitor experience.

Educational:  We have worked with university design review committees and facilities managers to achieve their institutional goals.  Through all of these projects, Springboard has successfully partnered with campus user groups to develop exciting and workable design solutions.

Residential: Houses are reflections of who we are and who we want to be. Some of our clients have asked us for residential designs that blend seamlessly with their existing homes or neighborhoods, while others have asked us to expand their homes – or create new ones – in boldly contemporary ways. In both types of projects, we have developed designs that are responsive to our clients’ active lives and distinctive personalities.

Commercial: Springboard’s commercial architecture includes a wide range of unique project types, from workplaces to trade show pavilions, coffee shops to nightclubs. This range helps prepare Springboard’s professionals to meet new challenges that commercial architecture projects routinely present.

Exhibitions: This includes any museum exhibits and curatorial work that we have designed for various clients such as the American Respiratory Alliance, Holocaust Center of Greater Pittsburgh, The Carnegie Museum of Art and more.


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