Springboard Design

Tartans Pavilion


Springboard Design’s Tartans Pavilion, a glass dining pavilion overlooking Gesling Stadium, features a pasta and pizza dining space with a wood-fired brick oven. The dining experience is enhanced by the seven glass garage doors that open up the entire facade to the stadium, creating an indoor/outdoor experience.

The design is an environmentally sensitive extension of a LEED building, slotted into an unusual campus plaza. The pavilion serves as a dining destination that simultaneously fits into the campus setting, while remaining visually attractive to potential diners. Situated within the stadium, the pavilion allows diners to remain part of the action while eating under the cover of the transparent pavilion. In warmer weather, the facade nearly disappears, allowing light and air as well as the sights and sounds of the stadium to come into the space.

“…The sexiest new building on campus”

-The Piper

photography by Alexander Denmarsh