Springboard Design

CMOA Design Store

Springboard Design was selected to re-design the Carnegie Museum of Art’s Design Store. In order to maximize retail space, Springboard Design’s strategy stripped down the existing store, proposing a new layout focused on customer experience and contemporary retail display.

The space features light, bright and open displays which allow customers to focus on the design qualities of the store’s merchandise. The focal point of the space is a monumental wall of shelving, which is a 3D poster for branding and visual impact of the museum’s design values and related products. The back wall of bookcases extends from floor to ceiling to visually draw the eye upward, and is equipped with a sliding ladder allowing access to the higher shelves. Floor displays on casters can be easily re-arranged, allowing for layout flexibility as well as the ability to ‘extend’ the store out into the main museum hallway.

“Carefully curated to express CMOA’s sensibilities, with bold designs for the home, vibrant jewelry, and Pittsburgh’s best selection of books on art and design, the airy, newly renovated space will also feature changing seasonal products, exhibition-driven selections, and a special space for kids.”

See Full CMOA Press Release for more information

CMOA Art Store_ Axon_Plan