Springboard Design

125SF Gallery


Springboard Design is pleased to accept applications for exhibitions in our 125SF gallery, Pittsburgh’s smallest art gallery. This tiny exhibition space, which opened in October 2016, includes a single 125 square foot gallery located under the roof of Sidney Street Studios in the historic South Side. The building is home to the Springboard Design office and Clear Story Studio. Springboard Design Principal Paul Rosenblatt and Creative Director Petra Fallaux serve as co-curators.

Paul Rosenblatt AIA SEED has been immersed in the world of art and architecture for many years. As the founding principal of Springboard Design, Mr. Rosenblatt is best known for his architectural work with purpose driven organizations and artist communities. Mr. Rosenblatt has developed an especially distinctive voice in the planning and design of training facilities, maker spaces, and museums. Mr. Rosenblatt is a Founding Principal of Springboard Design.

From her 11 years of experience as the Director of Carnegie Mellon University’s Art Galleries – including the founding and building of the 10,000sfRegina Gouger Miller Gallery – Ms. Fallaux has developed an informed perspective on the planning of non-profit cultural organizations and exhibitions. She has organized well over 100 exhibitions. Ms. Fallaux is also an active artist who brings a refreshing perspective to Springboard’s surface design specifications. An active contemporary quilt artist since 2003, her credo in her own work is: shape, color, and simplicity. Born and raised in the Netherlands, Petra Fallaux is most attracted to spare geometric forms in art. Degrees from the Universities of Leiden (BS Psychology) and Amsterdam (MS Film Studies) and a Master of Arts Management degree from Carnegie Mellon University’s Heinz School for Public Policy are underpinnings of her background and knowledge. Ms. Fallaux is the Creative Director of Springboard Design.

For more information, check out the 125SF Gallery website for news about current and upcoming exhibitions.