Springboard Design

Museums and Exhibitions

Springboard has extensive relevant experience creating successful museum architecture and related cultural facilities. Since our launch in 2001, Springboard has built a reputation for knowing museum architecture, inside and out. This includes art, history, and science museums – large and small – with an understanding of the dynamics of staff work requirements and visitor experience. In fact, a special Museum Architecture Team (M.A.T.) has been created within the architectural firm to specifically address museum planning projects.

As an active member of the American Association of Museums (A.A.M), Springboard’s Principal Paul Rosenblatt continuously updates his knowledge of national museum architecture trends through the organization’s website, publications, and meetings. He has not only designed and built museums, galleries, and exhibitions, but curated them, too.

Springboard’s Creative Director Petra Fallaux brings her first-hand knowledge of founding and operating a museum organization (The Regina Gouger Miller Gallery at Carnegie Mellon University) to every Springboard Project. She understands the challenges of programming and building a 10,000 sf multi-level museum facility from having successfully done it herself for more than ten years. During this time, she curated more than 100 exhibitions. As a Master of Arts Management graduate – and class valedictorian – of Carnegie Mellon University’s Heinz School of Management and Public Policy, Ms. Fallaux is a professional arts manager herself and provides Springboard’s Museum Architecture Team (M.A.T.)  with a real ‘user perspective.’