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Johnstown Vision 2025


Springboard Design’s Paul Rosenblatt was excited to be a part of the recent “Johnstown Vision 2025” annual celebration held at Ace’s Lounge in Johnstown on January 24, 2018. Johnstown Vision 2025 is a “framework for revitalizing Johnstown based upon an open, collaborative and community-driven approach.” One of Vision 2025’s feature projects is Creator Square, the artisan residency for makers and small batch manufacturers that Rosenblatt founded and directs. (Springboard Design’s $800,000 renovation of Creator Square’s studio building in downtown Johnstown is just about to begin this spring.)  The evening’s keynote speaker, Bill Flanagan, Chief Corporate Relations Officer of The Allegheny Conference on Community Development, complimented Johnstown’s community redevelopment efforts. “You’re moving at lightning speed compared to the way things have unfolded in Pittsburgh over the last 35 years.”

Since 2010, Springboard Design has been involved in helping to spearhead Johnstown’s re-birth. We began by working on renovations and new permanent exhibitions for Johnstown Flood Museum, a museum that explores the controversial flood that destroyed Johnstown in 1889, and two subsequent floods in the years since. Springboard’s renovations to the museum includes entirely new permanent exhibition, making the displays more engaging for visitors and more adaptable for the museum staff. Our signature approach to exhibition design will allow the museum’s curators to continuously evolve the museum’s interpretative narrative as artifacts, stories, and other archival materials are discovered.

Springboard’s work with the Johnstown Flood Museum also inspired the concept and evolution of Creator Square from an idea explored in an inter-disciplinary architecture course Rosenblatt taught at Carnegie Mellon University to the purchase of a building in central Johnstown and the development of an arts oriented economic development engine. Creator Square is one of several new assets created for makers in Western Pennsylvania, linking Pittsburgh with Johnstown, Altoona, Somerset and other regional communities. Together, Western Pennsylvania is becoming known as a place for spirited and accessible entrepreneurship, manufacturing skills honed and adapted to suit new economies and technologies, and flourishing creativity.

At Springboard Design, we’re excited to continue to be a part of Johnstown’s community and its neighbors in Western Pennsylvania. In addition to Creator Square and The Johnstown Flood Museum, we are also working with local resident Amanda Artim on the design of her new restaurant, Balance, which will opening in downtown Johnstown this spring. Fulfilling her entrepreneurial dreams, Artim has incorporated furnishings and lighting products created jointly by Springboard and Pittsburgh-based makers, Urban Tree and Stak Ceramics. We invite you to stop in – and please let us know if you do!


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