Springboard Design

Educational Architecture

The architecture of educational buildings has the potential to be as inspiring and educational as the institutions themselves.  Schools, colleges and universities can reinforce their educational missions and their values through the buildings of their campuses. Springboard is experienced in designing a variety of buildings for educational institutions. Our experience ranges from historical restorations to contemporary classroom buildings and campus dining facilities. We have worked with university design review committees and facilities managers to achieve their institutional goals.  Through all of these projects, Springboard has successfully partnered with campus user groups to develop exciting and workable design solutions.

Springboard’s unique ‘user-focused’ approach to the design of educational institutions is based upon first-hand understanding of how they work: Springboard Principal Paul Rosenblatt has been a member of the faculty of the Carnegie Mellon University School of Architecture for more than twenty years.  During this time, Mr. Rosenblatt has developed an insider’s perspective on the design and planning of campuses and the buildings that populate them.