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Art Installations

During the winter of 2006, an exhibition entitled “Omnivorous: The Art and Architecture of Paul Rosenblatt”  was presented by the Mesaros Galleries of  West Virginia University, curated by Robert Bridges, Director of the Galleries. A book was published on the occasion of the exhibition which included an introduction co-written by Bridges and Rosenblatt. “Architect and Art,” states the introduction, “are two fields that explore the form and nature of space and the environment. They are distinct but related fields.”

Through this essay, Mr. Rosenblatt discusses how his work blurs the lines between these fields: “My architectural practice,” he states, “in collaboration with architect Bill Szustak and creative director Petra Fallaux, benefits from art ideas, while my art installations, prints, paintings, drawings and photographs reflect my architectural perspective. There is a constant influx of ideas from outside each field the changes the other in big or small ways.”

In addition to Mr. Rosenblatt’s mid-career retrospective at the Mesaros Galleries, his work has been exhibited nationally in a variety of contexts. Mr. Rosenblatt’s work was included in the Pittsburgh Biennial 2003, and is part of the permanent collection of the Yale Art Gallery.