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TOMORROW Secret Vault: ‘Beyond the Surf: Summer’s Over’

Dear Friends,

The Independent Brewing Company is a tavern located in Squirrel Hill dedicated to serving fresh local beer made only by Western Pennsylvania breweries. Also notable is that they have a turntable and an in-house record collection of over five hundred vinyl records, which is awesome. However, that number pales in comparison to the personal collection of local architect, artist, and design enthusiast, Springboard Design Principal Paul Rosenblatt. This coming Wednesday, October 15, (and approximately once a month every month hereafter), Paul is going to be curating another installment of  the Independent’s Secret Vault music series from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m.

This is the second time Paul will be hosting a Secret Vault event at the Independent– the first time was a blast. Come join us for another great party.

Paul will be bringing selections from his home collection, which, by the way, exceeds 15,000 pieces of vinyl.  He’s bringing selections that you might not have heard before but that you definitely need to hear now.  These are the deep cuts.

For more on Paul, check him out here:  www.springboarddesign.net  and also check out his current exhibition in 707 Gallery, “Well-Played: Paul’s Vinyl Records,” part of the Pittsburgh Biennial 2014. http://culturaldistrict.org/exhibit/7730/well-played-pauls-vinyl-records

On Wednesday, Paul will be pulling plenty of surprises from the Surf, Exotica, Hawaiian, and Garage Rock sections of his collection.  The theme of the evening is:‘Beyond the Surf: Summer’s Over.’

While we listen to music, the Independent is going to curate an equally interesting tap list on Wednesday evening, and may even bring out a few surprises of their own.

So swing on by.  Enjoy the music.  Enjoy looking at album covers.  Enjoy making and hearing esoteric statements regarding the guitar players on certain tracks.  And enjoy a good beer or spirit at the place with the best music playing in Pittsburgh on a Wednesday night.  We are sure you will feel right at home at the Indy with their record collection – and Paul’s!