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SPRINGBOARD’s Paul Rosenblatt To Speak at Podcamp 6

On Sunday, September 18, at 1PM, Springboard Design Principal Paul Rosenblatt AIA will speak at Podcamp 6. Mr. Rosenblatt’s session is entitled “Writing Down Your Crazy: Transforming Your Collecting Obsession into a Blog.”

Podcamp 6 is the sixth world conference on new media. The first Podcamp was held in Boston, Massachusetts in 2006, followed by Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania – then California, Sweden, Ireland and South Africa.

In 2011, Podcamp is back in the ‘burgh.

For the last three years, Mr. Rosenblatt has been collecting vintage vinyl records and writing about his collecting habit on his blog, blog.springboarddesign.net. As an Architect of museums and cultural facilities, he is passionate about collecting and believes that collections are reflections of ourselves and our values and passions. 

In his  Podcamp 6 presentation , Mr. Rosenblatt will share his enthusiam for vinyl records and discuss how social media enable him and his associates at Springboard to communicate in new ways. As he  told  writer Becky Spevack recently in Columns Magazine (June, 2011), “Social media provides me with new ways I can ‘socialize’ with a lot of people I heven’t even met. It enables me  to reach far greater numbers of people than ever before.”

If you are in the neighborhood, come see Paul Rosenblatt AIA LIVE at Podcamp 6!