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SPRINGBOARD’s Paul Rosenblatt Quoted in Pop City Magazine

This week’s Pop City Magazine features an article by Abby Mendelson entitled “How to Live Like a Millionaire: Live Here!”  According to Alan Van Dine, a former Pittsburgh advertising exec, Mr. Mendelson writes, “You can live like a millionaire on a middle class budget. In larger cities you have to spend much more money on housing, amenities, and eating out. Here? No such problem, he says.”

What does it mean to live like a millionaire on a middle class budget? Mr. Mendelson asked Springboard Principal Paul Rosenblatt. And this is what he wrote:

“Paul Rosenblatt, Principal with Springboard Design believes that living like a millionaire means “creating a life for yourself and your family that is not only about work, but also enables you to enjoy life and friends and family and fun and healthy activities. Living in Pittsburgh, costs are reasonable and standards are high, and we can get by on less than real millionaires elsewhere.”

Paul grew up and lived in New York City while his wife, Petra Fallaux, lived in Amsterdam. “We both knew what it was like to live in expensive, cramped, cosmopolitan towns. We had nice small apartments — mine was 450 square feet. I couldn’t imagine starting our life together in that tiny place on an architect’s salary, so we decided to move to Pittsburgh.
And when they entertain out-of-town visitors? “We are excited to welcome friends from Amsterdam here; they are amazed at how we live, how much space we have, how many things there are to do, what a great life you can have without being a true millionaire.”

For the whole story: http://www.popcitymedia.com/features/livemillionaire0729.aspx