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SPRINGBOARD’s Innovative Use of Social Media Featured in Columns

Springboard’s active and innovative use of social media in its architectural practice is featured in a recent article in Columns Magazine (June, 2011, pp. 7-12). Columns Editor Becky Spevack’s feature, ‘Social Studies,’  discusses Springboard Principal Paul Rosenblatt’s recent presentation on  the ‘New Media Revolution’ at Build Pittsburgh 2011.

“Since we are interested in how technology can leverage our practice in terms of speed, accuracy, efficiency – and creativity, ” states Mr. Rosenblatt in the article, “creating a website to reflect this was a natural extension of our practice.”

Ms. Spevack goes on to explore the variety of other social media Springboard actively uses in its day to day practice. Mr. Rosenblatt is quoted as saying that, “Social media provides me with new ways I can ‘socialize’ with a lot of people I haven’t even met. It enables me to reach far greater numbers of people than ever before.”

For the whole story, see below:

Springboard Featured in Columns-June-2011