Springboard Design



If you missed this before – or haven’t been able to find it online yet – don’t miss this chance to see Springboard’s Paul Rosenblatt and Petra Fallaux and their Loft House on HGTV’s popular ‘Bang For Your Buck’ TV show.

Set your DVR for Tuesday, February 22, 2011, at 5:30pm.

Here is what HGTV has to say about the episode:

“Designer Monica Pedersen and a local realty expert critique three modern master bathroom renovations in Pittsburgh to determine which one will see the biggest bang for your buck. First, they check out a minimalist master bathroom with lots of natural light. Next, they visit a contemporary master bathroom with large jacuzzi tub. And finally, they check out a modern master bathroom with a luxurious steam shower.”

Actually, the local realty expert was from Philly, not Pittsburgh, but no matter.

For those of you are wondering: the show has a happy ending!