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HGTV Says: SPRINGBOARD Gets Most ‘Bang For Your Buck’

SPOILER ALERT: If you don’t want to know the result of Springboard’s appearance this past Saturday on HGTV’s ‘Bang For Your Buck,’  read no further!

On Saturday, September 25, 2010, Springboard’s Paul Rosenblatt and Petra Fallaux were featured on the season premiere of HGTV’s ‘Bang For Your Buck.’ Their ‘Loft / House’ – which is pictured in the Residential Portfolio section of this website – was one of three Pittsburgh homes designer Monica Pederson visited with her HGTV crew. As the HGTV website notes: 

“Designer Monica Pedersen and a local realty expert critique three modern master bathroom renovations in Pittsburgh to determine which one will see the biggest bang for your buck. First, they check out a minimalist master bathroom with lots of natural light. Next, they visit a contemporary master bathroom with large jacuzzi tub. And finally, they check out a modern master bathroom with a luxurious steam shower.”

And which bathroom renovation did Monica Pederson think got the most ‘bang for your buck?’ Springboard’s!

That’s right: Paul and Petra’s spacious, spa-like master bath won!  As the program notes, master bathroom renovations typically get a 73% return on investment in the Pittsburgh area – the number is 71% nationally. Our master bathroom design would get a much higher return  – about 85% – which made it the winner of the three bathrooms on the program.

To see how we achieved that, you will have to tune in. Check your local listings for when the episode will be re-broadcast and/or check back on the HGTV website for updates. The episode is entitled:

Three Master Bathroom Renovations in Pittsburgh

Episode HBFYB-412H

In addition, we’ll post a link to the episode online as soon as it appears there. In the meantime, set for DVR for its next broadcast…