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Springboard Design Selected to Conduct Feasibility Study for The Battle of Homestead Foundation’s Labor Heritage Center


As reported in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Springboard Design has been retained to conduct a feasibility study to assist The Battle of Homestead Foundation in establishing a Labor Heritage Center in the Homestead/Munhall area. We are excited to partner with The Battle of Homestead Foundation to explore many aspects of feasibility including costs, potential revenue, location and partnering. As Springboard Design’s Paul Rosenblatt remarked, “A big part of what we do is to look at organizations in a holistic way in planning. Not just spatial needs but organizational needs and capacity for fund-raising.”

The Labor Heritage Center would function as a labor archive and would simultaneously serve as a resource for researchers and community members to explore issues of labor in the past, present and future.

“Technology, including artificial intelligence “will profoundly affect new generations,” said The Battle of Homestead Foundation board president John Haer.

Charles McCollester, an historian and the Foundation’s president emeritus, likened the 1890s and its changing industrial technology to the rapid transitions we are seeing today;

“Radical technological change in steelmaking in 1892, reduced worker engagement in production while increasing inequality and class struggle,” he said. “Our society needs to carefully consider the impact of emerging technologies on the future of work, community and sustainability.””


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To learn more about the Battle of Homestead Foundation, please visit their website.