Springboard Design


Springboard Design Practices – and Teaches

Springboard Design Principal Paul Rosenblatt just returned from the Penn State School of Architecture where he was serving as a Guest Critic for the Final Reviews of the school’s comprehensive studio. The project the students designed was a neighborhood library on a prominent corner of Pittsburgh’s North Side, not far from Springboard’s National Aviary building. He was the guest of Architect Malcolm Woolen, an associate professor of archicture in the school. Thanks, Malcolm, for the invitation! The student work was excellent – as were the critiques by Malcolm’s colleagues and other guests.

Mr. Rosenblatt’s visit to Penn State follows by a few months a similar visit to Washington University of St. Louis, where he was the guest of Dean Bruce Lindsay. These are both excellent schools of architecture and the opportunity to practice and teach – or preach – is a great way for architects to maintain their edge, be exposed to the latest academic developments, and share a professional perspective with advanced students soon to launched into the world.