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SPRINGBOARD Bike Commuting

Throughout the summer, more than half of Springboard’s regular team has been bike commuting to our Southside studio. Gina has been riding in from Bloomfield, Ian from the Hill, Nic and Paul from Squirrel Hill. Most of these guys have been doing it daily, rain or shine. Nic is our in-house ‘Transportation Coordinator’ addressing the needs of bicycling employees. Having moved here from NYC to work with us, Nic tells us the bike commute sure beats sitting on the AMTRAK train! And the park and river views are beautiful! Gina spearheaded the design of our new ‘Bike Center’ that features beautiful custom designed graphic icons, storage cabinets for a change of clothes, toiletries, repair supplies and a first aid kit as well as wall mounted storage for everyone’s bikes. We also have a central location for our staff to access bike maps, Bike Pittsburgh Informational Guides and articles about bike commuting and other interesting bike related  activities. Our goal this fall is to have some extra bikes in the studio for staff to use for lunch time errands and local meetings. We are excited about bike commuting  and will continue to make Springboard an even more  bike friendly workplace than it already is.

Do I hear ‘Shower’ in our future?

We will keep you posted.