Springboard Design

Doane Hall of Art

Allegheny College’s Doane Hall was designed in 1968 to house the Art Department; minimal changes have occurred since. Springboard was asked to modernize the studios and solve ventilation problems caused by the close proximity of faculty offices and meeting rooms to drawing, painting and printmaking studios.

Springboard’s solution was to establish clear environmental separations between studios, upgrade ventilation systems, form social spaces for student/faculty interaction, and create needed storage facilities. The “Warehouse Loft” archetype was adopted as a model for the design. Each studio has been redefined by floor-to-ceiling partitions, moveable pinup surfaces and each has a prominent entry marked by a glass garage door and large scale graphics.

To help create a more loft-like, artistic environment, suspended ceilings have been removed and skylights added. Industrial materials have been used throughout. To maximize wall space for critiques and discussions, each studio is equipped with a free-standing “Resource Tower” incorporating sinks, storage and projection equipment.