Springboard Design

125SF Gallery NOW OPEN


Springboard Design is pleased to announce the opening of its 125SF gallery, Pittsburgh’s smallest art gallery. This tiny exhibition space, which opened in October 2016, includes a single 125 square foot gallery located under the roof of Sidney Street Studios in the historic South Side. The building is home to the Springboard Design office and Clear Story Studio.  Springboard Design Principal Paul Rosenblatt and Creative Director Petra Fallaux serve as co-curators.

‘On the Dot – Pittsburgh’ is Patrick Chernus’ first exhibition with the 125SF Gallery and his first exhibition in the US. It is the sixth show to date of a body of photography taken through the semi-transparent films of advertising on vehicles. In this exhibition Chernus focuses on the city of Pittsburgh, a city that becomes distorted and alien when seen from an unexpected perspective.

For more information, check out the 125SF Gallery website for news about current and upcoming exhibitions.