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January/February 2015: Beginnings

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Dear Friends of Springboard Design Around The World,

As you may have noticed, Springboard Design has been using new communication tools! So far, we’ve shared the excitement of promoting musical excursions close to the heart of our Springboard staff (e.g. Sunday Secret Vaults at the The Independent Brewing Company with musical selections by Paul Rosenblatt). Moving forward, we hope to continue to keep you in the loop for similar events, but we also plan to broaden our scope.

Over the past few months, we have been hard at work creating a more effective database of our growing network of clients, colleagues and friends. In the 14 year history of Springboard, we’ve had the privilege to work with so many amazing people who’ve helped create memorable projects of all scales. Our projects have evolved into increasingly interdisciplinary ventures, and for that we are grateful for the collaborations that have made these projects possible.

With that in mind, we look ahead to our more holistic roles as Architects in the modern world, a community of ideas. Experience has taught us that sometimes, it is our duty (and pleasure) to BEGIN CONVERSATIONS – to discuss early ideas, to share innovations, and to act as engaged connectors between people. We strive to engage those early concepts and initial ideas, and through thoughtful discussion and investigation, evolve those ideas into actions and realized projects. Our role as Architects has grown to include fostering these early conversations, and nurturing new ideas; It is also our role to provide the tools, inspiration, and cutting-edge innovations that can help launch projects into exciting new directions.

Springboard Design announces a Monthly Newsletter, which will arrive in your email inboxes with a well-crafted variety of content. Our goal is to keep you connected to…

  1.  Resources to assist you, inspire you, and motivate you to foster those early ideas
  2. Innovations in building technology
  3. Important cultural events and exhibitions happening in Pittsburgh
  4. Highlights of recently finished/featured Springboard Design projects
  5. Highlights of Springboard Design services

We hope to continue CULTIVATING A COMMUNITY OF IDEAS, one where we can serve our friends and colleagues though continuous and educational engagement. We are excited to share with you our recent architectural and artistic work, but we are equally excited to provide a forum for insightful inquiry and innovation beyond Springboard Design.

-Cassandra Osterman
Editor, Springboard Design Newsletter