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Charm Bracelet Fresh Fridays

Fresh Fridays at Pittsburgh’s Northside Farmers’ Market is but one of many initiatives presented by the Charm Bracelet Project. You can find out more information about what, when, and where at www.deutschtown.org/news-events/farmers.html#freshfridays.

Springboard had a hand in organizing the Charm Bracelet Project. In October, 2006, Springboard’s Principal Paul Rosenblatt AIA was invited by the Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh to serve as the projects’ Program Manager together with Children’s Museum Deputy Director Chris Siefert. The Charm Bracelet Project was conceived as an international urban design ideas program for improving connections between cultural assets on the North Side of Pittsburgh.

To achieve this goal, Program Managers Rosenblatt and Siefert along with Museum Director Jane Werner initiated a series of activities. The process began with a three-day long workshop that brought each of the selected design teams together with stakeholders and members of the community for an immersive introduction to the Northside’s ‘charms.’ Since then the Project has grown to include 17 cultural, recreational, and educational organizations from diverse sectors who meet on a regular basis for discussions of new ideas, and the implementation of existing ones. The Charm Bracelet Project has resulted in numerous neighborhood initiatives and continues to evolve.

For more information, click here: http://www.pittsburghkids.org/Templates/CMP_Level3_List.aspx?CID=565&SECID=5&MENUID=354.