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The National Aviary, located in Pittsburgh, PA, recently completed an $18.5 million expansion and renovation project that illustrates a constructive approach between Architect and Client – one which balanced creative exploration and pragmatism. For more than two years, Architect Paul Rosenblatt AIA of Springboard Design and client, National Aviary Executive Director Patrick Mangus worked closely together to lead their teams on the expansion after developing the project slowly for many years. The result is an aesthetically ambitious building that was completed on time and under budget while also meeting the client’s complex real-life requirements, including Silver LEED certification. Join us at the Center for Architecture  in New York City for a stimulating dialogue about the project, process and successful collaboration between an architect and a client who are still talking to each other after the project is over.

The National Aviary, is the nation’s only nonprofit, free-standing indoor facility wholly dedicated to avian exhibition and conservation. With a mission to “inspire a respect for nature through an appreciation of birds,” the organization is involved in a host of activities ranging from citizen science to conservation research. As a result of their recent expansion and renovation, the institution has expanded its public programming from the traditional exhibit-based zoo experience by adding unique visitor-centric avian interactions, including an indoor free-flight bird show and an outdoor raptor exhibition.

About the Speakers
Patrick Mangus is the Executive Director of the National Aviary, Pittsburgh, PA.. Prior to becoming its Executive Director, Mr. Mangus served as the National Aviary’s Chief Operating Officer. A 30 year veteran of the public relations industry and a corporate marketing expert , Mr. Mangus is a member of the PRSA Hall of Fame.

Paul Rosenblatt AIA is the Founding Principal of Springboard Design, Pittsburgh, PA and New York, NY. A graduate of the Yale School of Architecture, Mr. Rosenblatt’s award-winning practice focuses on the planning and design of cultural and educational facilities nation-wide. Recent projects include the Backus Museum of Art in Fort Pierce, FL the Maridon Museum, Butler, PA, and the Carnegie Mellon Tartans Pavilion, Pittsburgh, PA.

When: TBA

Where: At The New York Center for Architecture

Note: This event had been previously scheduled but was postponed due to unfavorable weather. 

Tentative plans are to re-schedule for Fall, 2011. Stay Tuned!

Architects usually get all the credit.

But new buildings like the one Springboard designed for the National Aviary require teams of people to complete with multiple companies and organizations.  So, here is a list of some of the people who have been instrumental in making the National Aviary such a successful new building. To all of these individuals and many others, we offer our thanks for their efforts.


  1. Michael Flinn, Chairman of the Board
  2. Gary Wilson, Head of Building Committee
  3. Patrick Mangus, Executive Director
  4. Cheryl Tracy, Chief Financial Officer
  5. Erin Estell, Project Manager
  6. Tom Parsons, Director of Buildings & Grounds
  7. Steve Sarro, Director of Animal Programs
  8. Cathy Schlott, Program Coordinator
  9. Nuelsi Canaan, Manager of Marketing and Development
  10. Heidi Edwards, Owner’s Representative

Springboard / ARCHITECTURE

  1. Paul Rosenblatt, Principal-in-Charge
  2. Bill Szustak, Associate
  3. Shannon Ashmore, Project Architect


  1. Ed Elinski, Senior Project Manager
  2. Ed Swiatek, Project Engineer
  3. Mike Salopek, Superintendent


  1. Jason Jesso
  2. Joe Fagen
  3. Nicole Oeler


  1. Brian Hermiller
  2. Pam Holcomb

Xnth / MEP

  1. Dan Christman
  2. Justin Mulhollan
  3. Steve Laugen


  1. Steve Iski


  1. Jonathan Iams


  1. Bill Kolono
  2. Jon Withrow


  1. Laura Vinchesi


  1. Dan Fallon


  1. Jeffrey Cohen
  2. Mark Scanga

SPOILER ALERT: If you don’t want to know the result of Springboard’s appearance this past Saturday on HGTV’s ‘Bang For Your Buck,’  read no further!

On Saturday, September 25, 2010, Springboard’s Paul Rosenblatt and Petra Fallaux were featured on the season premiere of HGTV’s ‘Bang For Your Buck.’ Their ‘Loft / House’ – which is pictured in the Residential Portfolio section of this website – was one of three Pittsburgh homes designer Monica Pederson visited with her HGTV crew. As the HGTV website notes: 

“Designer Monica Pedersen and a local realty expert critique three modern master bathroom renovations in Pittsburgh to determine which one will see the biggest bang for your buck. First, they check out a minimalist master bathroom with lots of natural light. Next, they visit a contemporary master bathroom with large jacuzzi tub. And finally, they check out a modern master bathroom with a luxurious steam shower.”

And which bathroom renovation did Monica Pederson think got the most ‘bang for your buck?’ Springboard’s!

That’s right: Paul and Petra’s spacious, spa-like master bath won!  As the program notes, master bathroom renovations typically get a 73% return on investment in the Pittsburgh area – the number is 71% nationally. Our master bathroom design would get a much higher return  – about 85% – which made it the winner of the three bathrooms on the program.

To see how we achieved that, you will have to tune in. Check your local listings for when the episode will be re-broadcast and/or check back on the HGTV website for updates. The episode is entitled:

Three Master Bathroom Renovations in Pittsburgh

Episode HBFYB-412H

In addition, we’ll post a link to the episode online as soon as it appears there. In the meantime, set for DVR for its next broadcast…

This is turning out to be a big weekend for television at Springboard!

On Saturday, at 3;30 pm, Springboard’s Loft/House will be featured on the season opener of  HGTV’s ‘Bang For Your Buck.’ (Check your local listings).

Then on Sunday, tune into KDKA’s ‘Sunday Business Page’ to see an interview with Springboard’s Paul Rosenblatt AIA and the National Aviary’s Cathy Schlott. They will be discussing the soon to be Silver LEED certified expansion of the National Aviary, and especially the opening of the Helen Schmidt Flitezone theater next month.

‘Sunday Business Page’ is a weekly public affairs program hosted by Jon Delano. This week’s program is devoted to notable new green building initiatives in Pittsburgh. In addition to the National Aviary, the episode features the new Consol Energy Center and Phipps Conservatory. 

Here is a link to the broadcast online – look for Sunday Business Page, September 25, 2010 (Part 2):


More on the host, Jon Delano: http://kdka.com/bios/Jon.Delano.KDKA.9.342713.html

The taping went well. We had an advantage that the other guests did not have: we were joined for the interview by Ex the Owl, one of the stars of the National Aviary’s free flight shows. Ex basically steals the KDKA show as well — she can rotate her head 360 and eat dead mice on camera.

Neither of the other guests can do that!

Ok, this is it.

We found the broadcast on the schedule and set our DVR for 3:30pm on Saturday, September 25.

The program is ‘Bang For Your Buck.’ The city is Pittsburgh. The space is a Master Bathroom.

Springboard’s Founding Principal Paul Rosenblatt AIA NCARB and Springboard’s Creative Director Petra Fallaux will show you the Master Bathroom they designed for the Loft /House.

For a preview of Springboard’s Loft /House, including the Master Bathroom featured on HGTV, check out the beautiful photographs that Denmarsh Photography – Alexander Denmarsh’s company – took of the project. Special thanks to Elliot Cramer for his efforts! http://www.springboarddesign.net/portfolio/residential/douglas-street-residence/

By the way, the Loft / House is a green building.  After tripling the size of the residence, the heating abnd cooling bills are the same as they were before the renovation. Call us to learn how you can make your renovation or addition energy efficient, too.

And send us your comments after the broadcast.

How did we do?

Thanks to Denmarsh Photography for the stunning photographs they took of our Loft / House. 

Some of these photographs are featured here on our website.

To find them, click on the ‘Portfolio’ tab and then follow the links from the ‘Residential Design’ section to the ‘Loft /House’.

SAVE THE DATE v.2: SEPTEMBER 18, 2010. According to Associate Producer Jenna Friederich, that may now be the date that HGTV has scheduled Springboard’s segment of ‘Bang For Your Buck.’ ‘If all goes as planned,’ she writes, ‘your “Bang For Your Buck” episode should premiere this Saturday afternoon at 3:30pm e/p.’

So, friends of Springboard, re-set your DVRs!

Once again, as you may recall, HGTV’s ‘Bang For Your Buck’ selected Springboard’s ‘Loft /House’ to be included on its upcoming ‘Pittsburgh Master Bathrooms’ episode. Springboard Principal Paul Rosenblatt AIA and Creative Director Petra Fallaux are featured. The segment was filmed in June and it looks like it will be broadcast soon. We are still not 100% sure, but the producer gave us this new ‘heads-up’ to share with you all!

Check local listings to confirm or continue to check this  link for official dates and times. Keep in mind that HGTV repeats their programs, so if you miss it the first time, it is sure to be rebroadcast.


Stay tuned.

SAVE THE DATE: SEPTEMBER 17, 2010. That appears to be the date that HGTV has scheduled Springboard’s segment of ‘Bang For Your Buck.’ As you may recall, HGTV’s ‘Bang For Your Buck’ selected Springboard’s ‘Loft /House’ to be included on its upcoming ‘Pittsburgh Master Bathrooms’ episode. Springboard Principal Paul Rosenblatt AIA and Creative Director Petra Fallaux are featured. The segment was filmed in June and it looks like it will be broadcast on September 17, 2010. We are still not 100% sure, but the producer gave us a ‘heads-up’ to share with you all!

Check local listings to confirm or continue to check this  link for official dates and times.


Stay tuned.

Springboard and Colab Architecture are pleased to announce the the opening of the exhibition they designed for the August Wilson Center for African American Culture. The exhibition opens to the public on Saturday, September 11, 2010.

Entitled ‘In My Father’s House,’  the August Wilson Center’s inaugural art exhibition invites visitors to ‘discover ways in which African Americans collect and preserve their culture. …This mixed-media exhibition uses the visual art and material culture of people of African descent, from heirlooms and fine art to political memorabilia and digital media, to explore how the past influences the present, helping to weave a community together from generation to generation.”

Springboard’s Principal, Paul Rosenblatt AIA and Colab’s Principal, Felecia Davis, collaborated with five teams of curators to develop a variety of collecting scenarios. Each of these scenarios became a room in a metaphoric house. Springboard and Colab’s design creates a dreamlike, theatrical setting for the exhibition.

For more information on the August Wilson Center and its other exhibits and programs, visit their website: http://www.augustwilsoncenter.org/about/index.php