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The Community Arts Center of Cambria County will be hosting the first Craft Business Thursday @ Creator Square on Thursday, October 26th from 6:00-8:00pm at the Community Arts Center’s Goldhaber-Fend Fine Arts Center Gallery. The CBT@ Creator Square will be a series of monthly lectures featuring a special guest speaker. Myles Geyman of Stak Ceramics will be the first speaker in the Creator Square, Craft Business Thursday Speaker Series.

The goals of this series for Craft Business Thursday’s @ Creator Square will be to update the community on Creator Square’s progress in anticipation of the buildings renovation and program rollout in 2018-19; discuss concepts like ‘craft business,’ ‘makers movement,’ and entrepreneurialism; and feature a talented and accomplished craft business person / maker during each evening lecture / workshop.

The Stak Story (from their website): Heather is a classically trained painter and amateur baker. She attended the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and spent a few years in Portland, OR after graduation. After her time in Portland, she decided to return to Pittsburgh and start a community ceramics studio. In order to support her studio, she also worked full time at a French bakery where she developed a love of baking. Myles went to the School of the Art Institute of Chicago for sculpture and got a degree in product design from the Art Institute of Pittsburgh. After graduating, he worked as a designer of engineered fall arrest systems for airplanes and various industrial applications.While he was working on designing platforms and ladders, he purchased a couple of used kilns online and began creating work in the basement of his Blawnox row house. A friend who knew of their common interest in ceramics, introduced them and they continued the conversation over the next couple of months. Myles would visit the community studio and they began to collaborate on projects shortly thereafter. They participated in craft shows as separate businesses. Heather sold hand thrown porcelain work and Myles offered slip cast sculpture and phone/tablet docks. After a particularly long trip driving separately to a show in Chicago, they decided to merge efforts and collaborate on work together. Heather and Myles began doing shows together where they sold both hand thrown and slip cast work. It was then that Stak Ceramics was born. They designed and produced everything from traditional dinnerware to lamps. Stak Ceramics began in the basement of their home and quickly expanded. After a year of cramped work conditions, they found a proper studio space near home. They shared the space with their friend Amy Hamley until she and her family headed west to live in San Francisco where she continues to produce beautiful ceramic work! It was during this time that Heather and Myles began learning how to manage their small business. The Stak Ceramics studio is now located in a beautifully remodeled multi-use industrial building in Homewood, PA. Stak Ceramics represents Heather’s understanding of ceramic materials, process and surface design coupled with Myles’ understanding of form, function and product development. Together they strive to produce work that is thoughtfully designed and skillfully crafted.

“Craft Business Thursdays at Creator Square (CBT@ for short) is a program launched by Creator Square Johnstown in Fall, 2017, to celebrate the talents and accomplishments of artisan craft entrepreneurs in the western Pennsylvania region. Thanks to Angela Godin and the Community Arts Center of Cambria County for hosting this inaugural series of interactive discussions and presentations that will focus on how local craft businesses were launched and how they are sustained. What are the greatest opportunities and challenges of starting a craft business here? What are the most important lessons learned? How can the arts be drivers of the local economic rebirth in Western PA? These are some of the questions that we look forward to exploring with the creative individuals who will be part of Craft Business Thursdays at Creator Square. I hope you will join us a series of exciting art filled evenings!” – Paul Rosenblatt, Executive Director of Creator Square

“The Community Arts Center of Cambria County is elated to be a small part of the continued advancement in the Cambria County area through Creator Square. A recurring series, such as this, will keep the community engaged and eager about the continued progress of Creator Square, especially with its growth and development over the next two years. Seeing this vision steadily become a reality, aids in the continuations to make Johnstown a thriving hub for arts and culture.” -Angela R. Godin, Executive Director Community Arts Center of Cambria County

The purpose of the Community Arts Center of Cambria County, a non-profit organization, is to support, promote, strengthen and interpret the creative, performing and visual arts through education programs, exhibits and special events.

To learn more about Creator Square, please visit their website.

To learn more about Stak Ceramics, see their website and please follow them on Instagram (@stak_ceramics) and Facebook.

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