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The Springboard Difference The Springboard Difference

Springboard Design is a collaborative architectural design studio founded on the twin pillars of exploration and resolution.

Developing innovative solutions to complex architectural problems and beautiful solutions to simple ones – often with limited resources – requires ingenuity and an openness to discovering answers in a multiplicity of sources, inside and outside the confines of the architectural discipline.

Rather than approach each project formulaically, we ‘custom tailor’ each commission’s explorations to the time and budget available.

In this process, our clients are collaborators in an exciting and effective design process that Springboard’s designers lead and facilitate.


Springboard’s Nick Liadis Designs Stage Set / Installation at Fe Gallery

We are inviting you all to an amazing play entitled Chickens, written by Paul Kruse and directed by Adil Mansoor.  Chickens tells the story of a family through the eyes of their four chickens. Yes, chickens!  Themes of memory, identity, sexuality, and home are given meaning as one couple grapples with issues that challenge them.  The message is […]


Community Kicks Off Louisa Street Improvement Project